Philanthropy is derived from the Greek words philos, meaning “love,” and anthropos, meaning “humankind.”  Quite literally, philanthropy means, “love of humankind.”  Its meaning seems almost laughably archaic or naïve in our society today.
Fenwick High School’s mission, guided by Dominican Catholic values, is to inspire excellence and educate each student to lead, achieve and serve.  We provide a multi-disciplinary, liberal arts-based education, grounded in the four pillars of Dominican spirituality (prayer, study, community, preaching), which emphasizes moral theology, critical thinking and respect for the natural scientific world.  It is an essential mission.  The Institutional Advancement Department (IAD) exists to advance this mission.

IAD does this by focusing on activities that are external to Fenwick’s core educational mission, but are vital to the long-term strength and vigor of a private, Catholic high school: marketing communicationsalumni relationseventshonors and awards and philanthropy.
Philanthropy plays a critical role in furthering the 93-year history of Fenwick and strengthening the school for its second century. IAD seeks philanthropic support from the entire Fenwick community to help fund annual operating expenses, capital improvements, tuition assistance and endowment.
Fenwick’s primary philanthropic priority is to provide our students and families the financial support – and other resources (programs, facilities, etc.) - they need to come to Fenwick, to stay at Fenwick, to provide a first class educational opportunity for the students of today who will be the leaders of tomorrow.
We can only do this with your help.  As you review your giving opportunities, please consider supporting Fenwick students.  You will change their lives, and in doing so, will help to create a future where “love of humankind” isn’t so archaic.
Please do not hesitate to contact the Institutional Advancement Department so that our team may assist you. Thank you for making Fenwick one of your philanthropic priorities.


Chris Ritten
Vice President of Institutional Advancement
Parent ’12, ’14, ’17, ’17, ’17
Office: 708-948-0350
Cell: 773-870-6058

Meet the Team

List of 10 members.

  • Photo of Chris Ritten

    Chris Ritten 

    VP of Institutional Advancement
  • Photo of Tim Freeman

    Tim Freeman 

    Major Gift Officer
  • Photo of Carly Garcia

    Carly Garcia 

    Assistant Director of Advancement Operations
  • Photo of Scott Hardesty

    Scott Hardesty 

    Director of Marketing/Communications
  • Photo of Anne Marie Lowery

    Anne Marie Lowery 

    Gifts Officer
  • Photo of Marilyn Nicodemo

    Marilyn Nicodemo 98

    Director of Special Events
  • Photo of Dawn Swanson-Lemus

    Dawn Swanson-Lemus 

    Alumni Relations
  • Photo of Katie Vanaria

    Katie Vanaria 

    Director of Annual Giving and Advancement Operations
  • Photo of Dana Wesolowski

    Dana Wesolowski 

    Donor Relations Administrator
  • Photo of Georgi Presecky

    Georgi Presecky 

    Digital Content Manager
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